Sunday, 9 July 2017

Trooperpalooza 2017

New virtual festival playlist all equally billed but all festivals need a headliner  so it had to be Francoise this time around (just one playlist this year three days is a bit much for me this year)I found a few of these on tumblr a real treasure trove if you dig the sixties 
really gotta get tumblin' again left that blog in limbo -playlist concludes with
Francoise in London from mid sixties.
A few new acts such as Vaureen as well as a few regulars
Had to feature The Dance and The Model Citizens featuring Eugenie Diserio (a awesome painter if you google her)a period in the very earl 80's I'd like to learn more about...  followed by Colleen Green .
Yassassin .
+ a lorra lorra Lush (to misquote Cilla  Black)
Three Russian beat combos next starting with The Burger Queens
The Cavestompers + some zombies

No Fuzz -I guess the future of the motherland is in good hands (at least in R'n'R terms)
 something about seeing G20 on the news makes me want to play ATR at full volume -I thought I was meant to mellow in my old age lol "Sega Middleage Snooze" hasn't got the same ring.

Baby Shakes (bound to feature them in next playlist )it wouldn't be Trooperlooza without Rumble Boppers Oh! Gunquit

Needed some bass and reggae  - The Dubbeez totally fit the bill .

The September Girls

I may of featured part of this gig before (great lighting) but here's  whole performance from Saint Agnes.
LA Witch (including footage from last years visit to London) new album out soon .
& more Death Valley Girls footage -that's it for this year-but I'm putting together another festival playlist on my other blog(a  bit less shiny than this one but awesome none the less)

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