Tuesday, 8 August 2017

August 2017 Playlist

Some Dum Dum nostalgia  midway through playlist -I was meant to make playlist for the end of July but couldn't complete it  till today hence title

Never featured a flute here before till now.. Blood Ceremony
Guantamo Baywatch
Ex Hex
Moto Vamp
Tess Parks
The Vandelles
a couple of Ramonesy numbers from Colleen Green.

A few more new tunes from PINS
Lastly a classic from The Vaselines
I remember  when this first appeared in the NME I think it was just a half page interview ...
"I'm a real dum dum"  as I deleted blogger links by accident -sorry about that -I was trying to update an address but pressed wrong button -not sure they need my link anyhow these bloggers tend to have hundreds of followers anyhow ...

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