Friday, 4 August 2017

Videodrome- Post 24

Actually rides a black horse in movie(which is cooler -but nice poster)
"A" may of sent me this one before of Elsa before but just watched Belle Star so I had to do a Cowgirl post

whole movies up on youtube but in  tv format picture qualities not too hot either so I'm hoping it's on blu ray or at least dvd the only Spaghetti Western to be directed by a woman Lina Wertmuller.Classic bad lip synching (but it wouldn't be a Spaghetti Western without that lol)

Marissa Mell-the original Miss Dynamite(these films have multiple titles so they're hard to track down)but back to Belle Starr here's Marie Windsor in 1950's take on the myth (much less sympathetic than the 60's movie)the media was square back then lol
Needed a history lesson..

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