Sunday, 10 September 2017

Cool Cats -Post 52

Had a Avengeful weekend watching Age of Ultron & Civil War  -so  that inspired this post -the evolution of The Black Widow .
2- Natasha's  first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #52  teaming up with The Crimson Dynamo  to bring down Iron Man - very different from the Widow we know and love -still could be an element if the movie people want to explore her origins  in a future movie.
Widow's first costume -she was in civies in her early appearences(well she's meant to be a spy ) her main power was getting men to do her bidding Hawkeye  knows all about that... here's a comprehensive post about this era
Big John Buscema re-designed her look -much more Emma Peel, much more The Natasha we know today-this would be the Black Widow I grew up with first time I saw her would of been in The Champions which she led  (seems like they've revived that group lately)... here's Blacky giving Johnny Blaze the lowdown.
Any wonder I do a blog about this stuff  -I saw all this as a nipper lol- she also shared title with Daredevil -this was before Frank Miller - so a bit before my time I only discovered DD on the cusp of that era but there's a long history between the two -would be cool if somehow the movie world could crossover  into the TV world would be neat if Scarlett appeared in a few episodes of new Daredevil

show -it's not impossible.
One of my fave artists Paul Gulacy ..oddly discovered only recently that Angie Bowie wanted to make a Daredevil show back in the 70's , Black Widow would of been played by her - David would of been great as Matt -not sure if he could played DD though... would have to of beefed up alot lol maybe he could of done it by the 80's as he got into boxing .
I better get onto the movies ... but Pete's kinda like me here lol...and Natashas's kinda like Marianne in Girl on a Motorcycle + the dialouge  .. the new Spidey's  in Civil War -damn he sounds young  lol I like the new  Aunt May -Marissa Tomei   far too young herself -

Guess I rediscovered the Marvel of Marvel in mid 2000's  with Secret War -I really couldn't resist that  artwork -which led on to Civil War (and the finest Captain America stories which form the  inspiration for the new movies)

Guess  this vid is a good summary of her background in comics -plus a few facts about movies -It's most uncool what Hawkeye actor said  that kind of mudslinging gets your entire family slain-(hope they don't do that in the movies though-would be a bit much)

Onto Scarlett and the various catsuits she's rocked in the movies starting off with Iron Man 2
Not sure if this is the actual  Scarlett could be the action figure - onto Avengers Assemble

Captain America -The Winter Soldier

"Nobody loves the Hulk?" I dunno about that -Age of Ultron by far the best catsuit so far-mind you Scarlett Witch , Maria Hill and Widow sport some nice jackets in these films(I'll feature them in a future post as this features strictly about catsuits-James Spader as Ultron-I always imagined Ultron to sound like Mash Eat Smash Robots lol or Starscream in Transformers cartoon still good casting -I like how each movie is a different animal -very fast moving and triumphant whilst Civil War is the fallout from the events of that movie and moves at a more controlled pace... the events are still hectic but the audience has more time to reflect. Last up Captain America Civil War from last year -
I think I'm entitled to see this seeing as I bought it on youtube (a first for me) Hopefully Widow will turn up in Panther Huge post I know but felt like I was letting side down with absence of Cool Cat posts lately -seems like I got the Marvel bug lately lol -more to come in my other blog as I'll be featuring Power Man Luke Cage

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