Monday, 18 September 2017

September 2017 Playlist


It's taken me almost a decade but I wanted to create a 60's themed playlist for September -including a few tributes to The Avengers(The John Steed Avengers)
Playlist starts off with soulfully with Brenda Holloway
followed by The Superbs- (The leather suit thing never really took off(would be a drag ironing the creases lol) mind you Cheryl was ahead of her time.
Marsha Hunt including a John Children's cover (very different from the original )
Wouldn't be a 60's playlist without the La's

Nancy inventing biker chic back in 66 -a few tunes from her including a duet with Uncle Deano
Suzi and Patti Quatro -two Pleasure Seekers/Cradle reunions one from late 70's (I've only seen one piece of footage from 60's ) but good to see they re-united.
The Clingers(also sisters) follow with an Easybeats song probably featured that one before but it's cool enough to repeat- Followed by an early Standell's track which someone made a cool video too not sure which movie that is -found an awesome spy movie channel on youtube may feature a double bill here soon.

Final videos feature  Francoise Hardy and a lovely video featuring actress
Mireille Darc as a tribute as she passed away last month
Sorry again about the delay -jumped in a time machine -I'll return to 21st century this week .

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