Tuesday, 3 October 2017

October 2017 Playlist

 JJ#1 Joan Jett- featuring The Gits & The Muppets (hard to beat)
  Just had to feature The Kut again ..
Titty Twisters -Guitarist is up there with Johnny :)# brilliant
Thee Immortal  Betty Blowtorch

The Thundering Diana Death.

 7 Year Bitch..
dig this kinda like a holy picture ..I can't blame her  kinda rare these Acne jackets -they've gotta make more  otherwise  it's the daffy Jewel suit for season 3  lol

JJ#2- A few pics  from shooting of Season 2 of Jessica Jones (sorry I couldn't resist)  Just re-watched season 1  to  remind myself how well acted  directed and written  show was but also to check out clues for forth coming Punisher show -which should come out this month or November I hope we don't have to wait too long for JJ2 like Joan she seeks justice- suffers ,endures  & gets results-something I can  totally empathize with ... good to hear these guys in a climatic scene in final episode of Season 1... Sleigh Bells

Featured Ex Hex a fair bit in latest playlists and on other blog  but didn't really know much about history apart from Wild Flag  until I discovered Helium -I can breath now.

Another pic featuring Joan Jett - hearing about Nevermind's  anniversary around my birthday  got me thinking about Kurt and  Kath & that era and his connections to Olympia and Riot Grrrl &  reading Hate Comics good times lol-   Kathleen Hanna  from Bikini Kill  & Le Tigre.. smells like true spirit

Strange to see Sleater Kinney so different but it's cool

I was going to make another Trooperpalooza but  I tend to  rely on a decent smoke to create those long playlists -so I may wait till later - but I would of  featured  Filthy Friends without a doubt  but some awesome new songs by the FF  on playlist to check out... and they are awesome.

A joint cover of  a song the Cramps covered  (but The Cramps is  where  I heard it first )  featuring Boss Hog & The Micragirls
Playlist dedicated to Mia Zapata lead singer of The Gits (dig that name as "Gitmouth" is  what my sister calls me all the time-but she would wouldn't she  lol)

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