Thursday, 23 November 2017

Trooperpalooza 7

Sorted got a mouse at long last-  Virtual Fest playlist -Sheena headlining -even if she isn't with us on Earth she's with us in spirit form so had to be her topping bill. It's pity about the omission from playlist  (kinda like cutting the Byrds footage from Woodstock  except it was decent hardcore  thee kind I aint heard since I was about 12 so a little gutted  by that-private videos pah!) Wanted it to be Garagey to start off  with but  diverse too. so quite a few acts -got bored without a computer started this on PS4-but it's a goodie.Begins with an Intro featuring Wayne & "Jim"..(looks and sounds more like Danny Sugarman than the Lizard King)
I've been dying to feature The Flytraps  again so I kicked off proceedings with them .

Anyone who covers "Why?" by The Dirty Wurds is all alrite by me Bobkat '65

No brainer to feature more Hoboken Division after last playlist .
Always thought Beki from Cynics had a cool a set from them..
Dark Carnival featuring Ron & Niagara -not sure I've posted this one before-A Benefit for Dead Boy Stiv.
More Fuzzed out 80's garage from The Ultra 5
Baby Shakes !
 Some Deb O'Naire era Fuzztones.
The Darts-I'll deffo feature them in Decembers playlist.
Filthy Friends -when I saw this I thought I had to put on a new Trooperpalooza but then it vanished from YT it's back up now hope it stays up-Get well soon  Scott.
 Tess Parks with Anton Newcombe on a few songs

Boss Hog-in full colour.
The Dahlmanns
Lynda Carter-

.Mollie Marriott Steve's daughter Wow! got his pipes and soul  -I'll feature her again in he next playlist in December.

Probably featured Leather Girls before in these Virtual Festival posts  but this ones kind of special as Mika 's  not here any more , she will be missed , had same tastes and seemed a good laugh ,

PINS-see LB II on sidebar for my own pics and footage (not as good as these vids soundwise -plus they know how to hold a camera ) but so great to see them-I like the new songs they're getting better every time.

RAMONA'S  so many Ramona's aroun'  it's hard to keep up lol -but cool thing about  these Ramona's they write there own songs (usually cover Ramones live) but bound to feature them  lots here.

Should make a  average Thursday vastly Kooler ...
Results for poll tomorrow still a couple of hours to vote.

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