Saturday, 23 December 2017

December 2017-Playlist 2

Last thing I can do before Christmas  here - hope you can Enjoy ! Playlist Starts with The Darts cooler than any Bond opening sequence and Head  1st vid.

Detroit's finest (and it was proven a few years back in a poll on this blog :D) The Ettes.

Can't go wrong with those two.. Nat Riddle a solo set -plus some Cavestompers and Sonic Death footage.

All time faves Death Valley Girls and Death Valley Dude.

After watching Feels on  Colleen Green  meets comic book guy  series thing on youtube had to feature them asap - but seemed to be in character for that film- rather than usual look -but did discover earlier incarnation (Brits are a bit slow)Raw Geronimo -Feels "Close My Eyes" is up there with the best fave song of 2017 although may of come out earlier

Scotlands Honeyblood
The ever awesome Juliana Hatfield.
A entire Ex Hex gig!!!hope they do a follow up in 2018

End playlist with The Side Eyes although can't guarantee that as when I  wanted to feature them on Trooperpalooza playlist suddenly turned into private video (most uncool) but I  think they're great anyhow .
Off to my Sisters for a few days may be back before end of the year for a few best of posts 

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