Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 2017 Playlist

Plenty of Alison Moshart in latest playlist-not just with The Kills but also with The Foo's and Charlie Sexton covering some Neil Young classics ...apparently she owns about 80 leather jackets (probably gone up since article was published)but a good way to plug my Tumblr page  where you'll find interview (tend to find stuff there mostly and re-post mainly)main effort goes into blogger blogs.

ExSage-featured these guys earlier in the year - actually I think they've become an all girl over night so may see more of them in 2018 playlists
The Darts may of featured this vid before -but sometimes repeats are cool-can't wait for next video Catsuit City
 The Avengers of Surf n Soul -The Dustaphonics
Carmen Maki with 5X  a whole gig & interview (not that I understand Japanese lingo but she looks and sounds great here)

One way I'd like to  decorate my room -Messer Chups.

Cat Power & Dog Power
I promised more Mollie Marriot  so 'ere goes.
Scene from Until End of the World featuring Solveig Dommartin  music by  Crime and the City Solution + a bit of Nick &The Seeds
Total change of pace -felt a bit nostalgic for some Belgium  House for some reason lol so a few tracks featuring Nikki aka Jade4U
Keeping things Electronic and Poetic Anne Clark.

2 Pixies #'s in one promo video 
Belly-I'll have to feature some Throwing Muses or Kristen Hersh at some point.
I wanted to feature Purs on Trooperpalooza 7 but not enough stuff on YT just yet  but one consolation a new vid.
Gotta feature at least one LA Witch song here...
 Round off playlist with a set from coolest kids on the block The Regrettes-(reminds me of Gories vid I was watching on the other blog) I'll try and feature them on LBII post in a few days time.I might do a second playlist b4 Christmas depends on schedule -bit longer this playlist-just kept discovering good stuff .

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