Thursday, 14 December 2017

Galactic Beauty-Post 12

1- Don't Usually feature Gifs here apart from  A's Posts and my other blog so this is a first.Will  Rey Dark Side it? -Kinda hope she flirts with it just for the wardrobe potential  lol .
Still from Casualty episode .

 New Star Wars film out today -so It had to be a Galactic Beauties post  tonight without question .
A few pics featuring Daisy Ridley -Rey's a mystery girl  in space - maybe we'll  find out a little more in this new movie -I'll have to wait and see (ain't seen movie yet) hopefully it won't be two hours of Porgs lol

Iden & Dels kid in Battlefront 2 Zay -voiced by Brittany Volcy I hazard a guess as the voice talent resembles  her from pics on IMBD  but could be wrong -she's inherited Delboys Jacket  -better at shooting than he is too
A few caps of her Mum Janina Gavankar -these two are from Mysteries of Laura -where that motorcycle clip came from a few weeks ago  .
Another cap from Arrow.-good she cop garb.

No Idea who Paige Tico is? looks like a pilot...doesn't sound very Star Warsian that name  but she'll be played by Veronica Ngo.
Stills from a film called Clash.

Kelly Marie Tran -kinda know about her character Rose - looking forward to seeing  her adventures with Finn .
Leia's new skin in Battlefront 2 -harks back to the comics which makes sense as story takes place during the events of Shattered Empire -better credit where I found pic as it was hard to find a good capture of Leia  in this outfit
Spot on with the voice here too

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