Thursday, 22 February 2018

February 2018 Playlist

wish i could find better pics of the vox blue teardrop-i'm kinda in love with it.
Gotta be Siouxsie and the Banshee's as the headliners on this playlist which is about halfway through ... Starts off with some new L7!
Donita's shades are hard to beat,L7+ Judas Preistess -real life crossovers are sometimes  even better than comics .

Kelley Deal 6000-yeah i know pics the Breeders but Jo looked cool.
Said I'd feature Kristin Hersh a few playlists  back -a duet with Mr Stipe.
A whole Madonnatron gig...
Patty Donahue from The Waitresses on old British TV
Velvetnauts The Liminana's .
I've featured video before-but it's vastly groovy Brian Jonestown Massacre with Tess Parks
Crowesque vid from Table Scraps.
Burger Queens  covering Dead Moon
The Rats-a few years before Dead Moon.
Kid Wave-just had to feature these guys again.

Quick vid featuring Pearl Charles.
It's about time I featured Coves here...
Another Crossover that worked JAMC and Hope Sandoval to round off.
Hopefully make a average Thursday night a little less average.

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