Monday, 5 February 2018

Videodrome-Post 26

Day of the Panther -It's been a good while since I've featured this post -last summer I think -Queen Ramonda Angela Bassett
That's Maz? Lupita Nyoung'o -time for a Interview

Black Panther known T'Challa since The Champions in the 70's so I'm intrigued to see this movie.

Laetita Wright who plays Shuri...Panthers sis -She  should get her own Vibranium suit in time .

Another Comic Adaptation coming out in 2018 is Accident Man starring Ashley Green -should be good as it's written by The Godfather of British Comics
makes me wonder if Button Man's still happening - might be a bit like this -Jane the Ripper played by Amy Johnston Black Widows stunt double

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