Monday, 5 March 2018

Oscars 2018 Post

2  Layer Cake(2004)   As Slasher (kind of like a Spice Girl with  a Uzi  a bad idea- )
All or Nothing 2002-
I'm rooting for Sally Hawkins in the Best Actress Oscar  this year good to see her nominated
Frances McDormand
Maybe Harleys up for the gong? Margot Robbie

Saoirse Ronan -it would be nice if she won too seeing as she's Irish.

Meryl Streep- (she looks very much like my sister especially in that Dingo
That's my Oscar post for 2018 -it may be the last , depends how I feel once I  get to this blogs 10th anniversary -but there's always Gloves blog be sure to support that blog too ..


leather leathergloves said...

THAT banner was hot, I mean cool, hot, cool, I can't decide. What I meant was it looked absolutely awesome! Thanks for putting in a good word for my blog. Thanks buddy.

ramonetrooper said...

you're welcome Gloves ... not sure where I found that pic possibly flickr -unique sleeves.

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