Saturday, 10 March 2018

Videodrome -Post 27

"Miss Leather for all Seasons" to quote Killgrave  Finally finished my Jessica Jones binge-I thought it was great -looking forward to the third act ,I especially liked the flashback episode and the episode directed by Jennifer Lynch (kinda special that one) Hopefully JJ will hook up with Luke Cage in his series which should be out sometime this year fingers crossed-or maybe a guest  on Daredevil -hopefully won't have to wait 4 years for the next series but here's Krysten & Rachael (Season 3 should be a Hellcat season)or maybe Trish may pop up in another MCU show.

He's faster than he looks A few pics of Rachael

There's one moment provided by Rachael which is a truly great it involves her talk show -but that scene will really stick in my head . Some pulpy artwork to promote each episode which is a unique ideaCarrie Anne Moss -her story was also intriguing and compelling as super lawyer Jeri Hogarth although doesn't really follow Trinity's dress code in this show still it's a fine excuse to post some pics from those movies
I should get round to doing a proper Matrix post soon .I guess this season is more Introspective rather than big battles -a very different show to say The Punisher or Iron Fist but set in that same world -more crossovers and easter eggs to look into.

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