Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Trooperpalooza 2018

Actually tried to re-colour one of these snaps a few years back you can check it at flickr but from a wonderful set at https://www.urbanimage.tv/index
Virtual Music Fest year 3 -Day one? I haven't decided yet but will wind blog down as we go into June -need a wee break -may re-set mind lol  - Everyones on equal billing -but needed a headliner Siouxse ,The Banshees and The Creatures that was a no brainer .

another group I'd see alot of as a kid on tv and always playing hometown which is a great thing. The Selector (that's how I pronounce name not how it's spelt)
Good to hear Jilted John again..The Sex Pisssed Dolls
Ahh what do Beavis and Butthead know about The Knife?
V is for Vaselines.

K is for Kontrol and D is for Dum
The Courettes..
A set from The Electric Mess
then it's Crampsville
MadonnaTron (good name a Transformer )
Vid directed by Tess Parks featuring Cosmic Strip.
The Flytraps

Kim and The Created -Iggy Catwoman
I think I  may of  accidentally proposed marriage  when seeing Pins last year.
a good way to round off long weekend

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