Thursday, 28 June 2018

"Blue Jean Baby Post 13"



I was going to feature a Poll but it seems bloggers done away with that feature on the sidebar? - I guess like last month I'll have to  choose my own fave  again.


Anonymous said...

pic 6 love the colour of that coat,9 is very nice although photoshoping bit heavy. and the last pic also very nice.
Great background you used this time plenty of detail in the leather grain and zips.
The header you selected last month was a stunning picture really loved it.

Earl: really loves the Leather Beauty Blog

Deep Feeling and Thoughts said...

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ramonetrooper said...

Bad timing Earl just changed back ground again sorry about that - tend to do that every month hope you like the new background just as much #6 that's Doina I feature her here now and again -great looking coat for sure- #9 I found at polish site Maxmodels I'll link photographers portfolio - here as for Junes header pic that's Fiona Miller a German model with lovely eyes but that header will disappear tomorrow- I can't feature a poll right now as it seems blogger has stopped having them as a feature but next header will look great anyhow.

ramonetrooper said...

I'll feature Leatherbaba in my store links section once I check it out

leather leathergloves said...

The poll widget is gone. I have to source my own poll widget but sadly could not match the blogger poll.

leather leathergloves said...

Ramonetrooper, I deleted your linkwithin widget at the side after testing the bottom was working by commenting off. After, deleting the side, the linkwithin seems to be not working. Sorry about that. I could not fix it as it always gives me back the former linkwithin id.

ramonetrooper said...

strange things going on at blogger - i notice sometimes it worked- but thanks for trying -not sure I have the know how.

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