Saturday, 2 June 2018

Studded Cool-Post 57


Another nice one of Maria  from mmfashionbites
Chose my own header this month I hope you guys don't mind - featuring Fiona from  Germany need to do the same with LBII but I may slow down here like I mentioned in last post  although I will post a few things over this weekend -I 'll try and feature A's 101st post tomorrow 
Gloves informs me I've had 6 Million visitors not sure how that compares to other sites -still it sounds impressive -I wonder how long  it'll take to hit 7 Million -but 6  is kinda cool.


Ron said...

I love the first picture. According this article from a few years ago, women shouldn't wear their leather pants with a matching leather jacket. I happy to see that a lot of leather wearing women out there disagrees with that lol. Leather pants and jacket is one of the best and sexiest outfits to see a woman have on.

ramonetrooper said...

I think I've got a couple more from that shoot I'll post the rest when I can -no one wears leather trousers in my town- it seems(well it is summer) -seems the heyday was the 90's at college but out in the everyday world it's not seen as conventional -whatever works for the individual works -but like I say it's kinda rare to see unless in photoshoot but I don't believe people should set rules for such things as they are made to be broken.

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