Friday, 22 May 2020

May 2020 Playlist

The Supremes-headling a supremely cool playlist I hope you will enjoy

NYC got it bad -good to see Baby Shakes putting together a video in these trying times Bit of  Undertones & Ramones chucked in too.

10 Years of Drops & better than ever!

Posted this Spindrift video before here a few years back -starring Sasha from Sash the Bash -well worth seeing and hearing again.
Gotta a thing for Teardrop Guitars-Black Market Karma

Early 90's Salad Days.
Bit of Gulag Soul with The Tropics of Cancer-Followed by The Supremes on Ed Sullivan

Fely a bit Sabbathy when I compiled this so ...a few classics here starting with The Cardigans
More BS from Black Sabbitch
Oz Spawn Aimee & ARO

 Saint Jude featuring Lynne Jackaman
Back to Motorcity with Scotts Pirates
Have to arrange a new Trooperpalooza( Live Playlist )in June ,this is a bit of a warm up with The Out-Sect (Some Fuzzy classics in this setlist)

 Rockit 2020 from Messer Chups  to conclude proceedings

It's a bit mad at moment worried about my Mum (she's not doing so good lately so if I'm not here as often as usual you'll know why)

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