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Anonymous said...

I love the Poll Winners tab all our favourite leather clad beauties

Earl really loves leather on a beauty

ramonetrooper said...

I have to thank leathergloves for coming up with the idea -glad you like it Earl.

Anonymous said...

For some strange reason, I've only just found your Blogsite!!

You have me well and truly hooked with a stunning selection of leather clad beauties. In my view, there'll never be a better pose than January 2015.

You've made a middle-aged bloke VERY happy!!

All the best

ramonetrooper said...

Cheers-Guess that's good news -seeing as there's about 8 years or so of posts here lol (and I try to update nearly every day-although bit slow lately as I haven't many pictures on hard drive anymore)but to add to that check out my other blog http://leather-beauties.blogspot.co.uk

Anonymous said...

I adore the Poll Winners tab all our most loved cowhide clad delights
Baron truly cherishes calfskin on a marvel Halloween Sale

ramonetrooper said...

Maybe I should update this- there's been a few over the years I haven't got around to completing this post - I'll see what I can do .not every pic is cow hide -I'd wager many of these pics are mock cowhide seeing as there's plenty of vegan leather these days too

Garfield Red Jacket said...

I’m really impressed with your jackets. I always try to share some helpful information

Movie Jackets said...

These all outerwear are looking so beautiful.

ramonetrooper said...

It's really down to models and photographers i just select what looks cool to my eyes -thanks for checking the blog Garfield Red Jacket.

Sarah Alfred said...

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