Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cool Cats Post 13

18. Mainly from my trusty old C.D rom - so if there's images I've featured here before -they were from a long time ago and it saves going through all that archive to find them-May signals the sixth year of this blog- time flies but mostly it's been a good time.


Anonymous said...

1 & 2 so fantastic and leathery with sexy boots love the pose and effects of 2.fantastic glossy look to 8. but the biker girl in 9 well mmmmmmmmmm dont see many biker girls in the uk like that but you do in Europe.and I can see why you added 11 right up your street, mind you wish she was in my street.

Earl love looking at leather clad beauties before the daily grind.

Anonymous said...

some really nice cat suits in this posting 1 very nice 2 interesting photo makes you want to look at it more also like 8/9 , 11 very comic book and finaly 14 very shiny

ramonetrooper said...

#1's one of the few newer pics-liked that one-#2 check out address on photo bound to be more from that set I imagine.8 and 9 not really catsuits more race suits maybe I should do a whole post on them one week.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Earl- I guess it may depend on part of UK not as many as there used to be here in Kent-Cities are a different story... #11's Kate Bosworth actress lol maybe you'll see her on red carpet..

Anonymous said...

leather race suits or 1 piece leather biker suits would be very exciting to see i really look forward to it if you can find the pics


ramonetrooper said...

Oh that'll be easy- mind you I like to mix things up here.

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