Friday, 25 August 2017

Newsflash-Post 5

Best episode of Newsnight ever? -Presenter Emma Barnett -hopefully that Evan fella will take more holidays lol
First of two TV related posts today -Marvels Defenders post up next -but a Boba Fett nod to the Beeb first.
Can't find this presenters name -but used to present business bit on news and she's  Irish  as did Victoria Fritz who's also disappeared lately perhaps she's on another channel  now or working outside the media (I have to watch TV on PS4 these days as I busted digital controller-too lazy to replace it-but there's no adverts on netflix or BBC so I'm not really bothered )
It wouldn't be a newsflash post without Joanna -hasn't been rocking the skirt much lately -I'll blame the wardrobe dept

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