Saturday, 26 August 2017

Videodrome-Post 25

As promised earlier Marvels Defenders post -good to re-united with Jessica Jones or as Foggy Nelson  called her "Super Joan Jett"-soz this a bit late-having connection problems

always has the last word -and the best lines.. hope they'll be a Defenders 2 or Jessica appears again in something else-the thing about The Defenders in its original comic book form is it tends to feature characters who usually work alone or are misfits -so a second season may feature an entirely different set of characters -onto to Elektra -back from the dead it seems..
Elodie Yung-got some great moves-I wonder how DD senses her beauty. Elektra & Ripley :)
Bound to see much more of Misty Knight -seeing as there's a life changing moment towards the end of the show-classic character Heroes for Hire or Master of Kung Fu would make fine shows.
Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing duke-ing it out.
Inspired idea to feature a total legend to play the Hands leader Alexandra -Sigourney Weaver -I'll have feature soon on LBII
One from original JJ series Trish Walker played by Rachel Taylor - may become Hellcat in a future series

bit of a monster sized post -and took longer than expected -but well done Marvel & Netflix..interview from 10 years ago...

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