Saturday, 18 November 2017

Galactic Beauty -Post 11

Supertrooper Janina Gavanka  -I wonder how many people spent the day as her today or at least Iden Versio
Having a very cool time on single player approaching Naboo -I won't comment about all that controversy over micro transactions and all that palaver- but Janina's excellent .the day belongs to her..
From Arrow-have to check that show out - after binging on Gotham  and Punisher-so many shows now where do you start?-but  will it feature the Ollie of yore I -like the way they have him in Injustice2 although jealous of him about his missus Black Canary-mind you I wouldn't want a tounge bashing from her -maybe they are the Jack & Vera of the DC Universe lol

Still can't embed-I will get back to that possibly one I get a new mouse -maybe it's easier on page loading time anyhow -seems to of done this kind of thing before for Assassins Creed Biking round town -  
been a proper cop .
These links better work I hate writing links much easier using mouse  - I'll never be a techy surprising answer -not Kirk? -dead ringer for my old man -before TJ Hooker. anyhow.
Just a short one tonight-I  need to get back to destroying satellites .


Traveller28 said...

Yep, loving the game too. Trying to make the 1 player campaign last as long as possible :)

ramonetrooper said...

Arcade modes kinda sweet too- I think there's more stuff for campaign coming out in December -not 100 per cent sure but would tie in with new movie -I need to be good on multiplayer- may dip into that later.
Hope you had a nice weekend Trav

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