Thursday, 16 November 2017

Nov 2017 playlist (proper )

Looks like Dee Dee (um ..I mean Kristin Kontrol  in this one )
Needed to link this -can't actually embed dumb fingerpad -
Featuring PJ Harvey ... seen her twice in very early days -first time was in a little bar  with Automatic Dlamini  second time was when Dry had come out so about 91 or 92 - but these songs are more recent footage plus one from late 90's

Now I wanna be a Pinhead - had to be PINS first on  Playlist currently tearing through the UK - I was kinda blasted when I met them -wish I  wasn't but guess I'd be too shy to talk if I  was sober -feel a bit daft now lol...killer songs great band good night out - I'll feature vids I took on Second blog and my personal blog - bit distorted as my cameras not top notch but a good sonic testament to the start of there tour .I'll also try to feature a whole gig in next Trooperpalooza post (which will be soon) which  will also feature...

Hoboken Division starting off  a trio of Stooges #'s
Texas Terri and The Stiff Ones
Wouldn't be a LB Playlist without Thee Witch this artwork for tour

A couple of new Vids from the awesome Chelsea Wolfe
Liz from Halestorm
"Holy  Madonnatron Batman!..It's The Catwoman " couldn't really find pics of Madonntron that fit this blog -could do some stills with vlc from my vid their clothes were kind of Crampy when they played  so may do that in LBII post -but this video features nice photo of Lee Meriweather and a clowder of Catwomen
Kings & Queens of the Rumble Bop -Oh! Gunquit

Sky Ferreira  currently starring in Twin Peaks -need to catch up with that show when I  can .. been a while- Started with PJ round off with some PP awesome renditions of Small Faces classics..Really gotta check out her unreleased until now 1970 album

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