Thursday, 9 November 2017

November Playlist 2017

Still no joy on computer  front._. Gotta wait :( in meantime You can always do a search for my youtube channel   I would link it  but for past hour been trying to write url of playlist  and it won't  fit in box typing  with PS4 is rubbish . But new playlist is up& grooving just search Ramone  Trooper YouTube  and hit nov17  featuring PINS who l saw other night may of had a beer with themtoo but memories all messed up Father Jackin' it but  had a cool time filmed some songcept vids here are properly shot mine I get more drunk with each song lol  as well as support act the excellent ly named MadonnaTron also on playlist (looking forward to uploading those as both bands were top notch that evening)damn shame computers on the fritz but best things come to those who wait ._. I'll try and do a proper version of this post when computer problems sorted

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