Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Wait.

Still no sign of new computer ,should arrive between now and the 23rd._.Still using PS4 to surf ._.Not much I can do here cept youtube it (compiling new Trooperpalooza  playlist ._a virtual rock n roll festival may as plan ahead for future posts been faving on flickr and adding a few things to LB III but nowt I can do on proper blogs  till laptop arrives except type stuff._. Had a very surreal weekend which you read   about on personal blog  in all it's  non paragraphical glory but seriously missing  been able to post here hope that changes sooner rather  than  later hate to lose audience due another busted laptop I  seem  to through them like after eight  mints.

UPDATED---Computers finally arrived ..I'll see if I can get back to posting less wordy posts tonite.

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