Tuesday, 23 January 2018

January 2018 Playlist.

Dolores O'Riordan  (R.I.P) It's really hard not to get emotional towards the end of this playlist .

Usually compile a playlist at start of the month but it's a dry time -but had to inject some rock n roll back into this blog by any means necessary -starting with Scottish Crampabillies The Creeping Ivies ..vastly cool T-Shirt. in this pic.
Cool to hear The Buzzards from Detroit are on the comeback  so a tune from them.

 More Gore! ...The Gore Gore Girls
Wish I lived in the West Coast of America  sometimes rather than the Garden of England  just to attend Burger A GoGo Tour 2018 -featuring many of my current faves on the roster such as The Fly Traps
I think the Ramones had a crack at this too.. Walls are always bad news-prefer bridges-Skew Siskin do  The Who !
Promised myself to feature L'Assassins on this playlist after posting very cool pic of them posing by a vintage car  so a couple of tunes from them .
Kristin Kontrols recent team up with Lawerence Rothman -plus The Dum Dum Girls version of Zombie -I've featured this before but this shot from a different angle ..I think Dee/Kris nailed it.
Dolores and Cranberries  dominate playlist ,Including a full performance recorded back in the 90's and a few classics .

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