Monday, 22 January 2018

Galactic Beauty-Post 13

Currently catching up with the misadventures of Dr Aphra - aka Cellie Lona Aphra , she's kind of like Indiana Jones in the Star Wars universe -A really great character , perhaps she'll appear one day in a live action movie or a computer game- but a welcome addition to the Star Wars canon -
It gets me down all this whinging about The Last Jedi especially all this talk about a feminist agenda -what a load of twaddle -the force flows through all living beings -gender politics would of been surpassed many a millenium ago , I can't it's believe still an issue with some people.Hopefully one day people won't even notice such things .

Seems like Sana Starros not only goes way back with Han but also Lando-could be played by Thandie Newton in new movie , but my moneys on her playing an Imperial Officer -perhaps Rae Slone -we still know so little about this movie-even wrote a long blog post about it and waited all last Monday for trailer to appear -but nothing happened- word is that the trailer will appear on Wednesday -but I won't fall for that a second time.. there really needs to be more cosplay of Sana -deserves her own series it would be  a good way to cross into the Star Wars underworld maybe she could team up with Boba maybe rip off Jabba again.
Maybe Hera rocks this coat on Hoth - she's not bad for a Twi'lek  -voiced by  Vanessa Marshall
Looking forward to Rebels Season 4  finale next month-it's good to know Hera will survive-but a bit worried about Sabine though -hopefully next time I get around to this post Solo trailer will be out -overdosing on Lemsip and Star Wars BF2 (the original one) at the moment -hard to abstain from the black stuff (meaning a popular Irish Stout ) should be on the mend soon. I hope.

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