Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Avengers Reeboot Poll.

Lovely artwork for a Emma Peel Figurine -Hearing through the grapevine that  there may be an Avengers reboot- part of me screams no !-it can't be done another part of me says go for it!  if the stories and actors are good enough -but can the onscreen magic really ever be re-created? seeing as we're living in a era of streaming tv  there's been plenty of good stuff over the years  if done with thought and care it  might turn out cool. I can't see who's capable of playing Steed though - Pat Macnee was the heart and soul of the original, a unique ultra-suave that cannot be replicated  -plus you have Marvels Avengers -which is very mega famous  so I can imagine title may be changed to Steed and Mrs Peel or something along those lines -but I'd like Steed to work with various characters like Cathy , Keel ,Venus Mother and Tara but  maybe that's wishing too  much - but here's my suggestions who might make a good Emma Peel (I'm sure it 'll  be somebody else but  throwing out  a few suggestions  for the role) may as well turn this into a poll too...(I did a poll similar to this a few years back Lena Headey  won that ) anyhow this short vid gives the lowdown .

Hayley Atwell -has plenty of experience in the field as Agent  Peggy Carter -as well as working with geezers with bowler hats .

Felicity Jones -heck even her name even sounds a bit 60's .

3.Jenna Coleman ... not the only Doc Who actress featured on this list.

4. Elodie Yung -who was great as Elektra in Daredevil -perfect superspy material I reckon..
5. Daisy Ridley- would also be good  at chucking  criminal masterminds  goons about(but this time without using the force)
6  Karen Gillian another Outer Spacer -

These are just my suggestions for the role maybe you can come up with better -I'll feature a few more pics and perhaps some clips of the winner five days from now .

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