Thursday, 22 March 2018

"Looking at You "-Post 37


A few more bloggers that have come up with some cool looks first up Aurelia




From Catia's Blog -

& last up Karen

been a bit slow of late  - that's the trouble with blogging about a topic like this gotta think almost  singularly whilst minds on a million other things all at the same time so sometimes I grind to a halt ... other times inspired -but never fear as A's 100th Post follows this post  and it'll be 3 x the size as usual (I suppose just like I used to post his pics all in one go but I've been conversing  lately.) they'd get well over 2000 hits whilst my posts would be in 180-250 margin.


Riscilla Lauryn Fariry Fariry said...

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ramonetrooper said...

Cheers for the link and description Riscilla I'll add to my store links -need to overhaul my links at some stage

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