Monday, 19 March 2018

March 2018 Playlist

Midway through March -time for some RnR overload- Zombirella -A couple of Messer Chups tunes and some very Early Cure sounding basslines on her new project The Bleak Enigineers

Starts off with Honeymoon Disease -usually rocking denim and yellow  so I'll link this photo as photographer would prefer that
  A whole set by The Darts -should be supporting The Mummies in the summer -budget rock at it's finest

The Highmarts including a cover of Test Driver by Terry and  The Bunnys (one of my fave instrumentals )

That's a No! No ! including a cover of The Animals.
RnR from Dusk till Dawn-Titty Twister.-interval featuring Radio Birdman classic

Haim including a Peter Green song used to see him down on the street when I was in Surrey mate actually knew him -goodfella

Adalita-covering  The Velvets & Easybeats

I had to squeeze in some Flytraps somewhere...
Cool flyer featuring Batwings Catwings
A whole set from Phantogram
Saint Agnes to conclude proceedings -live photo by
 sorry I aint been around Fallout 4 and YouTube getting better of me...but hey it's only Monday.

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