Sunday, 8 April 2018

April 2018 Playlist

New Vid from RnR  Royalty The Kut.. I usually know when springs sprung  when I compile   a "Trooperpalooza"  playlist The Kut are bound to be on this years lineup that'll be in a few weeks

Raw Soul Power with The Bellrays
More from Mollie Marriot
Bit of a The Darts special this month new video plus a few of the groups members came from prior to there formation-kind of a girls in the garage Travelling Willburys or Humble Pie  so in essence a Supergroup

The Love Me Nots-should really feature Motobunny next  month or on LBII.
Darts Drummer Rikki Styxx also a member of The Two Tens whilst guitarist  Michelle shreds with Brainspoon.
The Baby Shakes
From Jessica Jones -when Trish was going through her Britney phase -Catsuit would make good template for Hellcat costume -songs a bit daft -fave episode of season 2
If Rob Rodriguez went in to TV rather than movies in the 90's  it might looka bit  like La Luz's latest Video

Been a while since I featured Azar Swan- like Chelsea creates a unique soundscape
Vanity 6 to  end this playlist featuring the late great Denise  Matthews

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