Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Galactic Beauty -Post 14

Qi'ra (Emillia Clarke) from forthcoming Solo  A Star Wars Story -I get a"bad feeling" she may be the Femme Fatale in Hans life (could betray him to the Empire or other bad guys  or  she is killed by the end of the movie .. then again could be a ongoing character -a her story may play out through a trilogy  it's always fun to speculate before movie comes out in May)
Val-(Thandie Newton) Becketts moll? or a hired gun? -seems to know how to handle a laser bazooka in latest trailer
Surprised to find out on Sunday the armoured badass  with the vibro axe fighting on top of train in the first trailer happens to be a female character-been Captain Phasm'd again -I'm sure Enfys Nest will be a fan favourite her Maruders The Cloud Riders look awesome too  but never imagined  Nest was a she -Enfys is potrayed by Lily Newmark- but maybe I shouldn't really be surprised Greedo back in the day  was also played by a woman.
Much more about Solo in latest post on personal blog including new trailer (it could do with a few more hits although not sure it loads as well as this page)

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