Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Galactic Beauty-Post 15

Mara Monday... if rumours are to be believed they're casting for a Mara  for the new Star Wars movie -it could be a different Mara to Jade but maybe Luke did have a Mrs after all -should be rocking the black-instead  of  green as thats the colour of mourning - I was going to do a poll but perhaps it'll be an unknown who'll take the role usually works best for those films and it may not be Mara Jade at all- but with the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn  to the canon can't see why we don't get to see Mara also bought to life either in the movies or future tv projects

Should of posted this on May the Fourth but got sidetracked- still May's the month of Solo so few images relating to that movie.

from https://milnersblog.com/ 
an excellent source for all things Solo -mind you'll be seeing this everywhere within  the month.

Qira 's jacket can be found here https://www.j4jacket.com/solo-a-star-wars-story-qira-leather-jacket.html

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