Monday, 7 May 2018

May 2018 Playlist

Starts off with Suzi & Cherie
Followed by some Runaways classics..
More Debbie later ..

Glam Skanks vs The Stooges

BBC Documentary featuring The Slits The Raincoats and ...

...The Pretenders-now those are some serious kicks!
 More MM and PP
Pretty Enemy-cool t-shirt too-Johnny Ramone would rock Cap America T-shirts.
A Color TV set followed by something Cool .
A few tunes from The Prims
Yeah Yeah Yeah's
The Futures Funky-Winnie and The Rockettes
Alice Bag and 40 Seconds of Blondie in Japan .

Finally  a new playlist -probably do a virtual festival by end of the month if I  find time

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