Thursday, 3 May 2018

Ten Years After.

Ten years seems like a long time but went very fast  I almost didn't notice - I had to feature Jen first -reminds me of when I first got internet so about 6  years before I started blog-many thanks to the dude who sent me this set of pics  I'll see if can find a few pics from old cd roms maybe it'll be a trip down memory lane 
Model Nina from Munich  seem to feature many German photomodels in early days here-

been another example -really like his portraits -guess I must of discovered Model Kartei site just prior to setting up blog 

, I should give a shout out to Ingo  as I know he's a fan of blog here's his  MK photography portfolio

From Phil's site  who's supported from the blog in the early days So I'll link a few of his sites 

Featured Moni  a fair bit in early years of the blog she'd send a few pics  every week-I hope she is doing well
I don't really go in for all that whip cracking stuff -I just thought she was pretty as with everybody I feature here talking of which ...

Ms Tohka, Nao & Sakura  from  J-Grace -I was lucky to find old cd rom .

Kim  always one of the greats to me

as is Carla.. sometimes I feel a bit daft doing a blog like this but it's also good way to explore things I find fun, like music ,games ,movies, tv , not sure if thats a bit erratic but adds a little zazz to bloggin' and makes a little more fun  to construct -I  hope at least some of the first 10 years has been fun for you guys but that's what it's all about -in these trying times it's easy to forget -final shout out tonite to" A" & Nicci Leathergloves at
cheers for all the help over the years matey! 


Ingo B├╝nnemeyer said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my site :) i have done no new shootings so far due to much work... so it is really time for new photos in my portfolio :D

ramonetrooper said...

That's up to you Ingo- thought I'd give a nod to site anyhow-thanks for the support over the years.

leather leathergloves said...

So nostalgic, tears start welling up my eyes. It has been more than 10 years and hopefully, everybody is still passionate about ladies in leather like since we started 10 years ago.

ramonetrooper said...

I suspect they are -more so than ever and there's no shortage here -thank you for all the help Gloves -I may take a break over the summer months but back around September -I'll have to think about it.

Ron said...

Hello there. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
I was wondering if you having any more pics of this lovely lady here
wearing those same leather pants and coat?


ramonetrooper said...

Hi Ron-you're in luck as I have many pics of Ms Nao - you'll find a few here already under J-Grace posts , or Japanese Grace,or Venustas -but I'll post a few in the future on both blogs

ramonetrooper said...

or just type in Nao in search box probably best way find more photos

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