Saturday, 9 June 2018

June 2018 Playlist

It's World Cup this month-so start off with some cool Russians (plenty of them too), beginning with Messer Chups, The Bone Collectors and The Bleak Engineers -all of which feature Zombierella. Siberia's finest The Jack Wood
TV Dog made me think TV Smith and The Adverts-this is so Gaye lol
 No messin' in that T-shirt -straight to the point.
None more 70's Lem :)
Best badges and patches ever...
The best Shakes since the Milkshakes .Baby Shakes
Mami and The Mach III and.. Fifi

Zeezz cover both Sheena's
Have to check Nickey in a future post
Good to know the Rokkets are keeping Sheena's memory alive.
Can only round this playlist with the beautiful Francoise Hardy
That should liven up weekend a little.

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