Monday, 11 June 2018

Videodrome -Post 29

Lemmy Photobombing again...
Fridays are pretty cool at the moment seeing as Tracey's back on the Beeb .The  only decent on the nose satire on the box - Meanwhile back in the 80's on Channel 9 Tracey with half the Beatles blimey it's Dr Legg lol Irma Thomas song but first time I heard it was Tracey
I would of featured this a while back a post about Comidian's (that's the right term these days?but kept getting sidetracked I just  had to feature Sarah Silvermann -chatting here to Don Rickles Usually watch The Comic Strip on Fridays after a few brews but I'll make an exception tonight, Could do with a laugh
Another classic but in letterbox format..losing a chunk of the picture- you'd better off getting these on dvd

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