Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Skirt Alert-Post 55

1- Had to be the Tandem chick first -fave Russian  model .
One from Flickr -not sure where it was originally posted
 I think this was originally on Fashion Coulture blog .. not 100% been a while -Thank  Grud for Pinnit post wouldn't be possible tonight
Finally a new post -thanks for been patient if you've stuck by blog -couldn't really do much about situation -had a strange few days -actually had a  ruck with police and  I wasn't arrested (mistaken identity ) So I'm lucky to be posting here today... It may take a while for blog to hit it's stride and there may be times when I don't want to post (sometimes feel a bit down that I don' t meet women like this - may take some time out after 10th anniversary and try and rectify that situation )
No mouse it's knackered not used to finger board thing have to save entire pages so far which is a drag -hopefully sort that out soon -computers slow as I'm finally uploading gig   from the other week -taking eons to upload on YT I'll probably showcase that on LBII- but good to be back.


john said...

Good to see you back and firing on all six cylinders again, John, and long may you continue to do so

ramonetrooper said...

Ahh cheers John dude -I'll try and up it to a 7th cylinder once I can getback up to speed :)

Philippa Dasher said...

Some great pics on Skirt Alert as usual! Number 4 is Nicola Peltz, a frequent leather-wearing celebrity. Love her outfit there.

ramonetrooper said...

I'll have to drop by your blog again to check out if you got any more-shes very lovely here -have a good weekend Philippa :)

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